For whom?

The Scaffolding Directive includes the training structure for safe working at height (scaffolding construction). As part of this training, the professional competence of executive staff is demonstrated, monitored and recorded in an objective and unambiguous manner. Since January 2017, this structure has been incorporated into the Safe Working at Height Foundation.

The objective of the SVWOH is to promote safe working at height and to demonstrate the professional competence and expertise of persons who are directly or indirectly involved in providing a safe temporary work place at height on a daily basis. The foundation’s activities include setting up, maintaining, managing or facilitating:

  • The Central Examination Databank on Working Safely at Height
  • The registration in the Central Diploma Register SSVV (partial management)
  • Certification of persons
  • Finals and test targets for the competence profiles
  • The Board of Experts, Examination Board and the Working Rooms
  • Information and knowledge transfer
  • Cooperation with certification bodies