The SVWOH registers the personal certificates and MBO diplomas in the SSVV central diploma register. By means of this registration, contractors and employers can ascertain that the participant has the required qualifications to carry out the work in a safe and responsible manner.

Registration Scaffolding Apprentice

The Scaffolding Apprentice will not be registered in the central diploma register; SVWOH has set up a separate database for this purpose. The Scaffolding Apprentice will take a digital test at the SVWOH and will be registered for 1 year after successful completion of this test.

If a Scaffolding Apprentice wants to advance to the position of Assisting Scaffolder or Basic Scaffolder, they can take the exam to complete the corresponding training. The Scaffolding Apprentice must register again for 1 year if the registration has expired and he wishes to continue working as a Scaffolding Apprentice.

Click on the blue bar below to register as a Scaffolding Apprentice or to check if a Scaffolding Apprentice is registered.

Personal Certificate

After successful completion of the exam, a personal certificate will be issued by the certification body. The personal certificate will be registered by the SVWOH in the central diploma register SSVV. For more information on the certification body and to see a sample personal certificate, click on the blue bars below.