Information for the exam candidate

The examination for a personal certificate can be taken through a (personal) certification body which is recognised by the Council for Accreditation. The examination is conducted by examination bodies licensed by the certification body. After successful completion of the exam, a personal certificate will be issued that is valid for 5 years. The exam consists of a theoretical and a practical exam. The exams are conducted in accordance with the ISO-17024 standard. The rules regarding the exam are set out in the Examination Regulations.

The SVWOH manages the certification schemes and the final and test targets based on which the candidate can be examined.

The exams are developed, set and maintained by the SVWOH. When an examination candidate passes the theoretical and practical examinations, he/she receives a personal certificate from the certification body. This certificate is registered by the SVWOH in the Central Diploma Register (CDR) SSVV.

Register for an exam

Registration for an exam can be done at examination institutes that are authorised to administer examinations for the personal certification within the scaffolding construction industry.

Exam Scaffolder

Duration practical exam Basic Scaffolder and Advanced Scaffolder
Maximum 4.5 hours (270 minutes) for the assignments to be performed. Assembly up to 3.5 hours (210 minutes). The time starts after the exam assignment has been given.

Duration theoretical exam Basic Scaffolder and Advanced Scaffolder
The duration is 2 hours. This exam is taken digitally.

By clicking on the button below, you start a demo of an exam. The demo shows you how questions are asked during the exam. The demo does not offer an opportunity to practice.

Key Documents

We have listed all the documents required for examinations, such as examination regulations, certification schemes and glossaries for you.