Thousands of people work with, around and on scaffolding every day. On building sites, in the (petrochemical) industry, the energy sector and offshore. Working safely at height is a prerequisite, but not always a matter of course. The Safe Working at Height Foundation (SVWOH) changes this by continuously improving and guaranteeing the professional competence of employees involved in working at height. To do this, the SVWOH  manages certification schemes and final qualifications and test targets based on which employees can be trained and examined. The SVWOH also manages the central exam database and the registration in the SSVV central diploma register. In this register, the secondary vocational education (MBO) diplomas and personal certificates related to working safely at heights are stored centrally.

Board of Directors

The Foundation for Safe Working at Height is led by a Board of Directors with representatives from relevant parties. The Board of Directors comprises the following members:

Hans Crombeen President FNV Bouwen & Wonen
Frank Klessens Treasurer VSB
Christel Peppelenbos Member Koninklijke Bouwend Nederland/ KOMAT
Yorick Lieffering Member VOMI
Wim Stolk Secretary SVWOH

See below for the representatives who are members of the Board of Experts, the Examination Board and the Working Room(s).

The SVWOH was created to demonstrate the professional competence of personnel who assemble temporary workplaces for working at heights, such as in scaffolding construction.

The foundation was established in 2016 on the initiative of the Association of Scaffolding, Aerial Work and Concrete Formwork Companies (VSB) and Bouwend Nederland KOMAT.


In the  SVWOH Examination Committee, content and test experts are represented on behalf of industry associations, commissioning parties and contractors in the scaffolding construction industry. The Examination Board works on good certification schemes and good examinations. A system of various working groups and committees has been set up for this cooperation. In this way, the SVWOH safeguards the quality of the process of personal certification in accordance with the ISO 17024 standard.

The SVWOH has the following committees and working groups.

  • The Board
    The Board of the SVWOH consists of representatives from various organisations within the scaffolding industry. The Board shall be charged with managing the foundation.
  • Board of Experts
    The Board of Experts is composed of expert representatives of interested parties. The BoE is charged with advising on the policy to be pursued and monitoring the goals of the foundation.
  • Examining Board
    This committee consists of (testing) experts from interested parties and is responsible for the (testing) technical and educational quality of the examinations.
  • Working Room
    Working Room 1 consists of members from the stakeholders in scaffolding construction. Tasks of the Working Room include:

    • Advising on the certification schemes and the final and test terms for all professional competence profiles.
    • Drawing up advice, interpretations and/or adjustments for the benefit of the Board of Experts and the SVWOH Board, concerning the execution and policy of the SVWOH.