Board of Experts

The Board of Experts (BoE) is responsible for determining and formulating the professional competence requirements, resulting in certification and examination requirements. The composition of the Board is always such that there is a good balance between principals and contractors. The following people are members of the Board:

E. (Eduard) de Bree Board member VNCI-VNPI / Dow Chemical
F. (Fred) van Bijnen Board member Industrial / Sekisui
R.G. (Ronald) Gongrijp Board member Metal industry / Tata Steel
C. (Chris) Hunter Board member VIB/ KAEFER Nederland B.V.
B. (Bert) Koning Board member FNV Bouwen & Wonen
C. (Christel) Peppelenbos Board member Koninklijke Onderhoud NL
J. (Jos) Pustjens Board member VNCI / Sitech-Services B.V.
P.C.G. (Peter) Rijnbeek Board member Koninklijke Bouwend Nederland
D. (David) Scheele Board member DNV GL Business Assurance B.V.
J. (Jakob) Spakman Board member Energy sector / ENGIE Energie Nederland B.V.
N.H. (Nick) Stubbe Board member VOMI / Bilfinger Industrial Services B.V.
R.G. (Rick) Takkenkamp Board member Specialised Construction
G.G. (Gerard) Westenbroek Board member VSB
M. (Marianne) Pieterse Policy Officer SVWOH
W. P. (Wim) Stolk Secretary SVWOH