Various external organisations are involved in the work of the Safe Working at Height Foundation. Including five examination bodies. They supervise and administer exams based on a licence agreement with the SVWOH and the certification body. They also assess the exams of individual candidates.


The management of the SVWOH was taken over by Savantis on 1 January 2020.
This organisation manages the finances; is responsible for communication (including the website); provides the necessary policy and secretarial support and is responsible for the quality of the exams.

Concrete Education Products

Advices the examination board in the development and renewal of the exams.


DNV GL is the certification body for the certification of people that work on scaffolding. This organisation supervises examinations and examination bodies and issues, suspends and revokes personal certificates.  Additionally, the SVWOH is kept informed of the certificates issued and the board is updated every quarter on the latest results.


This organization supports the set-up, maintenance and management of the SVWOH Examination Platform (SEP) that started from September 1, 2022. The registration of the Scaffolding Apprentice and the taking of the exams for Basic Scaffolder and Advanced Scaffolder will now take place in SEP. Eventually, all exams will be made available through SEP.